Classic Grown Jewelry About Us

Fine jewelry crafted with love, thought, and elegance.

Classic Grown Jewelry is not just an ordinary online store that sells jewelry; it is one of the largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer that sells premium quality, elegantly designed jewelry to its customers. All the designs available at Classic Grown Jewelry are a piece of art and are highly unique. The designs and details on the jewelry products are finely crafted by well-experienced, delicate craftsmen hired by the company.

Experts in the field of jewelry making and manufacturing

Classic Grown Jewelry is a venture started by the team behind Classic grown Diamonds. Thus, with years of experience in the field of manufacturing lab grown diamonds, the team has now set its foot further in the market by creating intricate jewelry designs too.

Intricate jewelry varieties for the customers

Elegance and fine details are crafted in every jewelry element sold by Class Grown Jewelry. The firm sells beautiful jewelry items, which include engagement rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and much more. Apart from the readymade designs, the firm also believes in creating custom designed jewelry for its customers.

Thus, the customers of Classic Grown Jewelry are highly satisfied, and in awe of the jewelry designs, it creates. For the custom designs, all the special requirements of the customers are kept in mind to create jewelry for them that matches their description and outdoes the design asked by them. The customers can decide the jewelry type they desire, its metal type, gemstones if any as well as give a description about the design of the jewelry piece. All their requirements are well-conveyed to the jewelry designers who then convert these ideas and requirements into fine jewelry pieces exactly as per the description, maybe, even better.

From Classic Grown Jewelry, expect nothing but premium quality

Classic Grown Jewelry is a jewelry brand known for its fine, elegant, and premium quality products. The jewelry pieces crafted here have high-quality diamonds, pure metals as well as gemstones in them. The designs produced are also original and unique and thus, of high market value. The designers at Classic Grown Jewelry are very creative and put in great efforts to create jewelry designs that outshine in the market.

It is our promise of delivering premium quality that we fulfill that sets us apart in the market and puts us high above in the list of competitive jewelry manufacturers across the globe.

The promise of Classic Grown Jewelry

At Classic Grown Jewelry, we promise our customers to provide them with elite, classic jewelry designs crafted with love and technique. We are able to fulfill our promise by:

  • Providing our customers with a great catalog of world-class jewelry products.
  • Helping them celebrate their life’s most special occasions in a better way.
  • Conduct ourselves with the utmost truth and fulfill our customers' satisfaction in the aspect of quality as well as pricing and affordability.

The experts at Classic Grown Jewelry understand that taste, styling as well as design requirements of each individual might be different and are extremely important to them. Thus, the craftsmen at our firm create jewelry that will satisfy different individuals’ liking and style.

Reputes and trustworthy services

Classic Grown Jewelry is a well-known and well-accepted store for jewelry. The company has a great reputation in the market and is a trusted brand where customers seek comfort and satisfaction in purchasing the jewelry pieces they desire. Our jewelry collection is simply fabulous and stunning and definitely price-worthy for the intricate and fancy details that our products offer.

Features that set us apart from the competition

Customers are the real deciding committee of any company. The factors as recognized by our customers that set us apart from the competition are:

  • Trust

    When products that are high-valued are to be purchased online, the trust and reliability factors play a vital role. We sell only certified, pure jewelry to our customers, which has developed their trust in us. We are transparent and upfront about our services and the jewelry designs that we sell.

  • Exclusive range

    The exclusivity of the jewelry range that we showcase speaks for itself. We have designs that suit the customers of all ages and are ideal not just for the present but are evergreen in their design and utility. There are different types of jewelry available which offers the customers a wide arena to choose from to suit their needs.

  • Pricing of the products

    The jewelry products we offer are all fairly priced. The pricing for different items is kept by experts as per the details, designing as well as the metals and stones utilized in its making. The pricing we offer matches well with the needs of the market and thus, is quite favorable by our customers.

  • Convenient shipping and returns

    Since we are an online store, we understand the importance and role of shipping as well as return policies that we offer. Our delivery and shipping choices are quite convenient for customers. Our products are shipped at the earliest possible and delivered in the time that we promise. Also, the return policy is fairly designed too, considering the viewpoint of customers as well.

We are knowledgeable in the field and thus, understand the factors involved in purchasing jewelry online. We are a team that wishes its customers to have complete satisfaction and happiness after purchasing our jewelry. We have always worked to meet and outdo the expectations of our customers. Thus, we wish to abide by the promises we make and provide first-class jewelry designs to our customers across the world.

Be it the designing, quality, or pricing; we ace at everything that we do or promise. Our customer executives are always happy at the service of our customers. The customer support team makes it a point to cater to all our customers' queries, requests as well as requirements. Thus, when we say we deliver quality and live up to what we promise, we mean it and prove it with the jewelry and services we deliver.