Classic Grown Jewelry About Us

Classic Grown Diamonds is a division of Shashvat Diamonds Inc. with offices in New York, Antwerp, Hong Kong and Surat India.

We are a 3rd generation diamond cutting factory in Surat India, the world’s leading city for cutting diamonds. Our manufacturing facility is located in Surat as well.

The transition to only cutting ClassicGrown Diamonds has enabled many families to return to work in our cutting facilities and we are expanding both physically and in the number of families employed.

Excellence in cutting diamonds will be seen in every one of our diamonds. We have developed techniques to maximize brilliance and eliminate traditional issues such as the ‘bowtie effect’ in fancy shapes. We cut all fancy shapes and custom cut per specifications for special requests.

Our focus at Classic Grown Diamonds is to always stock the most requested diamonds with replenishment just a week behind. This strategy has enabled our retail partners to increase their confidence in lab grown diamonds as a critical option to the success of their ongoing Brick and Mortar operation.

We also have an extensive collection of finished jewelry from basics of stud earrings, tennis bracelets, shared prong and channel band programs. We also create custom designs for our retail partners from Cad to finished jewelry.

Our goal is to create a seamless transition from mined diamonds to Classic Grown Diamonds due to demand of the consumer. We have over 1000 retail partners throughout the United States, please contact us for a retail partner near you.